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Indoor Sky is dedicated to

developing products that optimize

both occupant comfort and energy performance

through daylight harvesting

for applications in education, healthcare,

retail, and commercial offices.


Environments that change regularly

require a variable solution.

The Dayliter Shade is a fully configurable,

off-the-shelf, economical solution for the

control of daylight and glare.


The system, comprised of a fabric lightshelf,

or combination of lightshelves,

is designed to extend the daylight zone

deeper into a building.

It blocks direct, heat-laden sun,

while at the same time,

offering glare-free daylight indoors.

Indoor Sky has the potential to contribute

between 11 to 21 LEED credits in

new construction and major renovation.

Dayliter Light Shelf Close-up

Dayliter Light Shelves

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dHive Catwalk

dHive has been offering

architects and designers

premiere demountable wall solutions

for the commercial market

for over 15 years,

with a system that has added value

to the end user,

more advanced than the

standard "unitized" system.

Their non-unitized wall systems

eliminate unnecessary complications and costs,

while allowing for faster installations.

With relocation time

twice as fast as other systems on the market,

dHive’s refit-ability helps to

reign in the time and costs

associated with totally changing

your office environment,

making it the ultimate in sustainability.


By using dHive demountable wall solutions,

you also have the ability

to earn up to 19 LEED credits.

dHive Conference

dHive Glass Offices

dHive Building Options


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